Diabetes Supplies list

Diabetes: List of free supplies

Need a checklist that has the supplies needed for diabetes? See this list and get what it needs to be fine. When talking about diabetes, it is necessary that the preparation is your best friend. When you have everything you need, it is easier to manage your health effectively and allows you to be ready for an emergency. For example, if you are at home and has not eaten for more than four hours, must have a healthy snack in your bag that you can eat to maintain their blood sugar. If you are unsure of everything you need, you can use this list of supplies for diabetes and check if you have drugs, supplies, food and more

Testing and monitoring of diabetes:

  • Glucose meter
  • Test strips, lancets and other supplies to be used with the glucose meter you choose.
  • Test strips and urine ketone in a clean container to collect urine.
  • A journal or paper to keep track of your glucose level, what you eat and other important aspects for the control of diabetes.


Treatment of diabetes:

  • Insulin and / or medications as directed by your doctor or what the recipe (Note: In general, drugs used for diabetes is type 1).
  • Device (s) for application of insulin according to what you discussed with your doctor. For example, insulin pen, syringes and needles, insulin pump, insulin injection pressure (jet injector) and so on.
  • Supplies you need for your lifestyle and to go with your device for insulin delivery. For example, wipes or swabs disinfectants to clean the area where it will be injected, new needles for insulin pen, batteries and additional parts for the insulin pump, carrying case for insulin vials, and so on.
  • Glucagon emergency kit
  • Glucose tablets or gel


Other diabetes-related supplies:

  • A method or safe container for disposing used needles and other sharp objects. For example, a cutter needles (safe clip).
  • A bracelet or necklace that identifies you as a diabetic.
  • Contact information in case of emergency.
  • Special items to help you inject insulin as needed. For example, items for people with visual impairments or to help you get the needle, and so on.
  • Keep healthy snacks handy to eat between meals. For example, whole grain crackers with peanut butter, low fat cheese or an apple.
  • Low-sugar drinks to quench your thirst. You can take diet sodas, drinks made with sugar-free powders like Crystal Light, or just plain water.


Remember that if you have diabetes and want to live a healthy life, must be prepared to take care of himself all the time.